Memories of Robbie.
Robbie and Barbara were good friends of mine. I picked up Dallas and Bob on the Sunset Strip and brought them to the PBC house in Silverlake. I always thought of the Clear Light as an "offspring" of the PBC. They had 2 drummers and made that work! Doug used to come and watch us play at the Waleback. I remember him sitting right in front of the stage and watching me play. We were all definitely in the same clique. We used to jam together, and hang out a lot. When they lived on Franklin Avenue, there was a lot going on around the clock. It was a very easy and natural thing to add Ralph and Michael to the PBC when the time came. We had already played together for years. It was too bad that Robbie was kicked out by Paul - he was such a great influence on all of us. He was like a left-over from the beatnik generation that went through the folk music period but didn't make it into the rock world with the rest of us. He had a single act in folk music and called himself "Robbie The Werewolf". I still have his lp. It was recorded live at the Waleback. I was in folk music then with the Hillside Singers. Robbie used to do songs that were scary. He had that red hair and red eyes and beard and would beat on his out of tune 12 string and go into the audience and I remember people falling backwards out of their chairs because he would get right in their face dripping with sweat off of his beard and singing songs about Count Dracula. He was so "hep" and his way of living life was an example so many of us learned from in the 60's. He showed us how to not be afraid of being an individual and different. His stage performances as "Robbie The Werewolf" were testament to this - there has never been and never will be a performer quite like him. I have so many great memories with Robbie. I only wish I could have found him sooner. It seems that he had a whole other life after I lost track of him. He married and had several more children and grandchildren. This all after having been married to Barbara and having their son, Scott. His memory lives on with all of the lives he touched. He was a true character and we all loved him.
Alan Brackett (Peanut Butter Conspiracy)

The Robbie we knew was a very dramatic person, what ever he was doing he took on the role completely.............After his biker days Bob and I first met him as a rock star from Hollywood. Blond curls half way to his waist, a fringed vest, beads, and Hollywood shades. His skinny bones showed through his tight leather pants and of course there was always a dubie............He was beautiful and we would of been satisfied with him and his music this way forever.............But he had too many other talents to play out...........He morphed into a self appointed Waldo Point security guard then was employed by Don Arques complete with a badge, khakies and short hair. He solved a lot of problems before they reached the point of police being called in. Once to straighten out a delequent Robbie placed him under an old abandoned lifeboat that someone had turned upside down to repair. He handed the poor unfortunate offender a dubie and waited for him to cool out. He worked very hard and sincere to keep the peace. .......... After his mediator days he transformed into a family man and never a more complete head of the household could be found. He anchored out with a wife and 2 dogs and a full size piano and fathered two girls and a boy. He was suburbia at anchor barbecuing every Sunday afternoon for fortunate friends........... He next moved the family to Oregon, slicked his hair and thin mustache back and became a taxi driver in complete character. Tight slim leathers and a small hat brimming his sunglasses. When you visited him you visited a New York taxi driver with a loaded cigarette hanging on in the corner of his mouth. We didn't see Robbie for 2 years in which he'd turned into a well paid Santa Claus entertaining at the tourist town of Jacksonville Oregon. People came from all arround to see the real Santa. The rest of the year Santa was at home with his long white beard, baggy pants and big round belly that shook with laughter or not...........Our next visit to Robbie, we found a country gentleman running a dog ranch. The ranch was his house with 9 full grown dogs that seldom went outside except to pee than back inside to the master. The house was full of much dog love and Robbie was busy keeping them happy, the extra doggie bone was right on time every day. Dressed in his country gentlemen's clothing and a full mustache, Robbie helped the dogs guard the house although he and the dogs would eat out of your hand if you spoke a kind word...........Robbie's last change we were fortunate enough to experience was after he lost a leg to a bone infection. That he'd suffered with since his service duty before his biker days. So Robbie became what else but a one legged pirate. In town people marveled how he skipped along keeping up with everybody. With a black patch over one of his good eyes, spinning tales and story telling long into the night with the flicker of a candle reflected in his uncovered eye..........We missed his final curtain call but always a chameleon, always a great artist, that's the Robbie we knew. We were privileged to have followed his life for his life was his art........... Robbie died of complications from several illnesses around the year of 2000
Laurabell Hawbecker Waldo Point Community