Brain Train Black Roses/Me

Titan FF 1738 1967

Brain Train - Black Roses

Brain Train - Me label

She's Ready To Be Free Acetate


Black Roses/She's Ready To Be Free

US Elektra EK-45622


US Black Roses Label

US She's Ready To Be Free label

Black Roses/She's Ready To Be Free

UK Elektra EKSN 45019


UK Black Roses label

UK She's Ready to Be Free Label

Black Roses/She's Ready To Be Free

Canadian Elektra EK 45622


Canadian Black Roses Label

Canadian She's Ready To Be Free label

Black Roses/She's Ready To Be Free

Australia Astor AP-1429


Australian Black Roses Label

Australian She's Ready To Be Free label

Black Roses/She's Ready To Be Free

New Zealand EK45622


New Zealand 45 Picture Sleeve

They Who Have Nothing/Ballad of Freddie and Larry

US Elektra EK-45626


They Who Have Nothing Label

Ballad of Freddie and Larry Label

Night Sounds Loud/How Many Days Have Passed

UK Elektra EKSN 45027


Night Sounds Loud Label

How Many Days Have Passed Label

Our Best To You Vol II EP MTR - 282


featuring Black Roses

Art Direction and Photography by William S. Harvey.

Photographs taken in the garden of the Clear Light House, Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles.

Front Cover

Rear Cover

Elektra US Stereo EKS-74011


US LP Label

US LP Label

Elektra UK Stereo EKS -74011


Elektra UK Mono EKL 4011


Mono Label

Mono Label

Disques Vogue France CLVLXEK.212


UK Mono Label

French LP Label

Cassette EKX54011


Reel to Reel

Reel to Reel

8 Track stereo cassette

Edsel UK ED245


Retitled Black Roses and including She's Ready To Be Free as a bonus track.

Edsel Label

Edsel Label

Sundazed 5125


Sundazed Cover

Robbie Robison Robbie the Werewolf Live at the Waleback Private Issue


Robbie The Werewolf Cover

Original Television Soundtrack

'Sunshine' MCA 387


Featuring Songs Written By John Denver and Sung by Cliff De Young.

Sunshine Cover

Cliff De Young MCA 432


Cliff De Young Cover

Compilation Appearances

Brain Train

The Chosen Few Vol. 2 Tom Tom 3752 1983 (LP)

30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall - Arf! Arf! AA-050 1995 (CD)

Chosen Few Vol's 1 & 2 PRCD0009 1997(CD)

Take The Brain Train To The Third Eye: Bud Mathis' Sunset Trip - Dionysus BACA 1147 2000 (CD & LP)

Scarey Business - Big Beat CDWIKD 205 2001 (CD)

Infamous - Bands And Artists From The 60's (CD)

Clear Light

Underground & Psychedelic Elektra H 876/5 (Germany) 1968

Off Elektra SMLP009 (Germany) 1968

Elekterriffic Elektra HJE 1555 (Holland) 1968

Kings of Pop Music Volume 2 Elektra SLVLXEK 390 (France) 1968

Select Elektra EUKS 7261 (UK) 1968

Elektrafying ELS 890 (Holland?) 1969

Garden Of Delights Elektra S310 1971

Endless Journey - Phase Three - Psycho 19 UK 1983

Elektrock The Sixties EK60403 1985

Endless Journey - Phase II - Chocolate Fireguard CHOCCD2 Germany (CD) 2001

Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973 Rhino 8122747462 (CD) 2006

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